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built to provide a best in class visitor experience, regardless of the device they use (desktop, tablet or mobile).

* the Electrician site displayed is for illustration purposes, you can view the actual site page options and designs by selecting your industry below.

Why Choose One Of Our Optimized Landing Pages?

Our optimized landing pages are stand alone, single page websites used for a specific purpose or campaign, such as promoting a product or capturing leads. They differ from conventional websites in that they have a single focus, a clear call-to-action, and no navigation menu. In contrast, full websites typically have multiple pages and sections, each with a different focus.

Landing pages can be a better option than a full website in certain situations because they are typically simpler and more streamlined. They’re designed to provide the visitor with only two options: (1) take the directed action (make a purchase, complete a form, sign up or call) or (2) leave the page.

One of the most significant reasons to use optimized landing pages is to targeted to a specific audience, which helps increase their effectiveness. For example, landing pages promoting new products can be designed to appeal to a specific demographic, such as young professionals. Optimized landing pages can be A/B tested to improve their performance, this means that different versions of the same landing page can be created and tested to see which one performs better.

Optimized landing pages are a great option for businesses looking to achieve specific goals with a simple, focused and high-converting web pages. They are great for campaigns, sales, lead generation and other specific use cases.

Our pre-build optimized landing pages typically consists of the following sections:

We’ll build these optimized landing pages into a main navigation structure, a “menu”.

This allows for a more comprehensive and detailed presentation of information. We’ll include a contact form and connect your email to it so that you can receive the form submissions.

Because there are more pages and more elements on each page than a 1 page site for example, a full website requires more resources to maintain.

We not only maintain our full websites, we install any necessary software upgrades and add fresh article content consistently. This helps keep the site current and relevant to visitors and to Google.

The Who, What, When, Where & How

Who Is This For?

We create optimized landing pages and thank you pages for:

Service-Based Businesses: chiropractors, dentists, lawyers, and accountants.

Home Service Providers: electricians, plumbers, roofers and handyman.

Influencers: online, social and youtube influencers.

What Do you Get?

This Is a Done For You Service.

We handle everything from design, customization, set up, hosting, support, maintenance, updates, security and a majority of the content.

Your landing page will be online ready for use in days instead of weeks.

Our landing pages require fewer resources than traditional builds, enabling us to provide them at an affordable monthly price.

Where Will It Help?

Your Landing Page Helps You Book Appointments, Sell Services or Build A Customer List.

Creating a landing page for your business, caters to a specific objective: booking appointments, selling products or services or building a customer list.

You can link one of our landing pages to advertising, your social media or to directories. 

Landing pages can be added as a subdirectory to your existing website domain or to a new domain. 

When Will It Launch?

A Landing Page In Days Not Weeks.

Our landing pages and thank you pages build process allows us to mix, match and customize each page with far fewer resources and in much less time than a conventional landing and thank you takes to construct.  

How Is Each Landing Page Customized?

About Our Customization.

We customize pre-built landing and thank you pages so that each has a look and feel that’s unique and distinctive from one another.

The content within our optimized landing pages and thank you pages is modified to make it yours. There are references to your company, phone number, email and personnel throughout the website.

Our Optimized Landing Pages Website as a Service Process

How We Put The Landing & Thank You Pages Together

Our pre-built elements were designed to enable our team to add content, graphics and images quickly, so that the pages can be customized without sacrificing page load speed or the look and feel across all devices.

This enables us to match your business’s branding and marketing more efficiently, with far fewer resources and at a substantially lower cost. Because of this, we can deliver in days, rather than weeks.

We Do Our Research So You Don’t Have To

We research the content for each of our industry specific optimized landing pages in advance. As a result, we already know what the most sought after services for each industry.

As long as you’re using our optimized landing pages to promote a service we’ve researched, our Website as a Service landing pages are the perfect solution.

Our “Problem-To-Solution” approach.

We assemble content for our landing pages that provide solutions to these popular search queries and our thank you pages create a unique delivery experience that offers a built in,”urgency” based upsell incentive.

Our DoSiteBuilder landing page process.

Our team consistently delivers fast loading, responsive landing pages that look great on desktop, tablets and mobile devices. This creates a great visitor experience because the page loads quickly and provides the exact content the visitor was looking for.

We designed everything with a predefined place, making it possible to provide a superior customer experience.

How Do We Do It?

We pre-build dozens of elements. We can pull elements together, rather than designing each element from scratch for each new landing page. This saves us time, resources and money.

One of the keys to our process is the use of “consistent elements”. So, when we need to troubleshoot problems, perform upgrades and maintain our landing pages, we can do so faster, with fewer resources and at lower cost.

We’ve become “consistent element” experts, combining  these elements together in a way that provides everything Google looks for in their indexing process. This increases the likelihood that your site’s going to get organic traffic.

What Do Optimized Landing Pages look Like?

DoSiteBuilder Optimized Landing Pages

Our landing pages load fast and are mobile responsive, meaning that they’re designed look great and provide a great user experience regardless of the device a visitor is using (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone).

* the Electrician site displayed is for illustration purposes, you can view the actual site page options and designs by selecting your industry below.

DoSiteBuilder Landing Page Banner

Banner Section

No Navigation By Design
Prominent Top Of Fold Contact Form
About Your Business
Our Difference
What We Offer
Contact Info
Contact Form

DoSiteBuilder Landing Page About

About Us Section

Information about you and your business we'll include a bio and any specific information you'd like to include

DoSiteBuilder Landing Page Our Difference

What Sets Us Apart

Icons & Summaries
Free Estimates
Bonded & Insured
Service Hours

DoSiteBuilder Landing Page What We Offer

What We Offer Section

Services All In One Section
Name of Each Service
Photo of Each Service

DoSiteBuilder Landing Page Testimonials

Testimonials Section

Section of Home Page
Add Verified Testimonials
Optional Embed Review Site Feed

DoSiteBuilder Landing Page Contact

Contact Info

Contained In Footer Section
Includes Hours
Includes Phone & Email
Social Icons Removed By Design

DoSiteBuilder Landing Page Contact Form

Contact Form

Top of Page Contact Form
Form Submits To Your Email
Redirects To Thank You Page
Contact Phone in Site Header
Contact Phone in Site Footer

DoSiteBuilder Thank You Page

Thank You Page

Thank You
Urgency Based Action
Count Down Timer

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