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DoSiteBuilder 1 Page Site

built to provide a best in class visitor experience, regardless of the device they use (desktop, tablet or mobile).

* the Electrician site displayed is for illustration purposes, you can view the actual site page options and designs by selecting your industry below.

Why Choose A 1 Page Website As A Service

A 1 page website, also known as a single page site, has all its content contained on a single web page. These websites include a navigation menu that allows the visitor user to quickly view different bookmarked sections of the page, rather than having to be directed to different pages.

1 page websites are best for businesses, professionals and influencers that don’t need to go into the level of detail that a full website would be better suited for.

A 1 page website typically consists of multiple sections on a single page that, compared with a full page site, provides a more concise presentation of information. We typically include the following sections


Because there are more pages and more elements on each page than a 1 page website for example, a full website requires more resources to maintain.

Not only do we maintain all of our websites, regardless of the option you select, we install any necessary software upgrades and but, one page websites and landing pages do not have article content consistently being added. 

Compared To A Full Website, a 1 Page Website:

Does Not Include Blog Articles.

Our full websites include an initial 3 blog articles. We also publish articles each month that are added to your site. Doing so presents fresh, search engine optimized content onto your site. Over time this helps attract visitors. It also provides content that helps  position your business as a local authority or expert.

Single page websites do not include this feature.

We Need To Limit The Content Included In Each Section.

Single page websites need to present concise information. This limits the amount of content that can be incorporated into each section.

Full websites don’t have this limitation. Each page of content can provide more much descriptive and detailed information.

The Who, What, When, Where & How Of Our 1 Page Website Model

Who Is This For?

We build single page sites for:

Service-Based Businesses: chiropractors, dentists, lawyers, and accountants.

Home Service Providers: electricians, plumbers, roofers and handyman.

Influencers: online, social and youtube influencers.

What Do You Get?

A Done For You 1 Page Website as a Service.

Everything’s included. Design, customization, set up, hosting, support, maintenance, updates, security are all done for you, including the content. 

Your site is launched in days instead of weeks.

These websites require fewer resources, enabling us to provide them at an affordable monthly price.

Where Will It Help?

Your 1 Page Website Will Brand You “A Recognized Local Expert”.

People have become conditioned to check out a business online before going there or ordering online. You only get one chance to make a first impression. We make sure that your web presence is a great one. 

When Will It Launch?

Your Site Will Be Launched In Days Not Weeks.

Our 1 page website build process allows us to put them together in a way that requires far fewer resources than a traditional website build and that results in much faster deployment at a lower cost.  

How Is Each Site Customized?

Our Customization Process.

We personalize each 1 page website so that one site is incomparable to another, even within the same industry. When completed, each site has a look and feel that’s unique and distinctive from another site.

We modify content on the site to make it yours. We reference your company, phone number, email and personnel.

Our 1 Page Website as a Service Process

How We Put The Site Together

We customize content we’ve pre-built. The content includes written and visual elements. We incorporate your business branding and marketing into these content modules. We do so much more efficiently, with far fewer resources and at a substantially lower cost than you or a web designer could. This allows us to provide sites in days, rather than weeks.

We Begin With Research

We begin by looking at what people are searching Google for.  We look at which search terms are searched most and how the competition targets those search terms in their content.

We follow a “Problem-To-Solution” format.

We assemble content for our sites that provides a better solution to these search queries than the typical competing site does.

Our DoSiteBuilder process.

We created a system for our team to follow. Everything has its predefined place, making it possible for us to provide a far superior customer experience than an out-of-the-box website builder platform can.

Not only do our sites look great on desktop, tablets and mobile devices, they provide a great visitor experience because they load fast and provide the exact content the visitor was searching for.

How We Do It.

We build dozens of page elements within each industry specific site. This help us create of our sites much faster. By pulling elements together rather than designing one from scratch for each new site, we’re able to build sites at a reduced cost. Since the elements are consistent, we’re able to troubleshoot problems, perform upgrades and maintain the sites with fewer resources.

We’ve become experts website element packaging that provides everything Google looks for in their indexing process, increasing the likelihood that your site’s going to get organic traffic.

What Does 1 Page Site Look Like?

DoSiteBuilder 1 Page Website Sections

Our fast loading, single page sites are responsive, meaning that they’re designed look great and provide a great user experience regardless of the device (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone) your site’s viewed on.

* the Electrician site displayed is for illustration purposes, you can view the actual site page options and designs by selecting your industry below.

DoSiteBuilder 1 Page Home

Banner Form

Navigation Links To Sections
Prominent Top Of Fold Contact Form
About Your Business
Our Difference / Reviews
Maintenance Plan
Contact Info

DoSiteBuilder 1 Page About

About Us Section

Information about you and your business we'll include a bio and any specific information you'd like to include

DoSiteBuilder 1 Page Our Difference

Our Diffence Section

Icons & Summaries
Free Estimates
Bonded & Insured
Service Hours

DoSiteBuilder 1 Page Services

Services Section

Services All In One Section
Summary of Each Service
Photo of Each Service

DoSiteBuilder 1 Page Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Plan

Section To Describe Your Plan
Graphic To Promote It
Call Button
Email Link

DoSiteBuilder 1 Page Testimonials

Testimonials Section

Section of Home Page
Add Verified Testimonials
Optional Embed Review Site Feed

DoSiteBuilder 1 Page Hours


Link To Hours Section of Home Footer
Includes Normal Hours
Includes Emergency Hours
Includes Links To Your Social

DoSiteBuilder 1 Page Contact


Link To Top of Page Contact Form
Form Submits To Your Email
Contact Phone in Site Header
Contact Phone in Site Footer

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